Homemade Cheese Ravioli

We serve a whole deal of pasta dishes!

Why not visit us and taste our amazing pastas.


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Personal Gourmet Pizzas

Order form our great range of Pizzas!

Such as “The Tony Soprano”


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Eat Together

Choose your takeaway from our amazing stone baked pizzas – Lucca, Prosciutto E Funghi, Diavola

Or Maybe

Our favourite Pasta -Penne Arrabiata, Fusilli Funghi, Fusilli Gorgonzola and Al Forna dishes baked in stone oven here at your local restaurant takeaway and delivery shop.

Get Original Taste From Our Recipies

Taste the deep traditional flavour of our delicious Lasagne, Pasta and our special Pizza using home-made dough, hand stretched & stone-baked to order Large or Light!

Then perhaps finish your fabulous meal with one of many dessert like the Nuttella Hazelnut Spread & Banana Calzone.